We have the vision to create affordable technology products for our customer to enable them to leverage on the technology advancement on a shoestring budget. In long terms, when products designed by us succeed, we succeed.

Our focus is to keep customer satisfaction close to 100%, every time. Get repeated work and keep marketing and sales costs low. Our strategy is to retain customers, ask for a referral for more work, thus reducing our marketing costs.

SmartBUZZ’s process pairs its world-class engineering team with agile development best practices that are right for your product development. Our team acts as an extension of your own. We align our goals with the goal of your organization, and we stay committed until we cross the finish line together.

We hire engineers with entrepreneurial passion. We intend to use the profits we make to fund the products or companies started by our employees who have been us for at least two years.That is where our biggest gain and profits would be; we are investing our time and effort in the future.

We hire the top talent with a passion for the job. Less than 5% of the total interviewed make it to the job. Our hiring process includes the assessment of their language and personality, in-depth skill review, and technical tests.

Most customers are circumspect when they start with a new vendor. We lead by example, so we start at a very low cost to get the relationship growing, once SmartBUZZ and the customer are comfortable with the relationship, then hourly is increased (never more than 20%), where we make the profits to keep the operations running. It is all documented in advance. We like to maintain the business transparently, as that is how we form the partnerships.

We are investing our time and effort in the future.We intend to use the profits we make to fund the disruptive products or companies started by our employees who have been us for at least two years.

Our development center is located in India which has relatively lower costs of living so we can afford resources at a lower price. By keeping our profits little, we aim to empower the youth to earn enough for a good living and to provide WORLD CLASS DEVELOPMENT to customers on shoestring budget. We use technology as empowerment. It is not about loads of money; it is about the DIFFERENCE we can make in the lives of those associated with us.

Ideal for MVP development

FULL stack Product delivery pods – sweet spot: 5 expert engineers, big enough to move mountains and small enough to move fast, 1 product manager: to manage active communication and milestone tracking, 1 product design and UX expert – brings user first design implementations, one technical writer – documentation to enable repeatability, 1 QA – quality check

Ideal for Phased product development.

FULL stack product delivery pods – FLEX:  This model allows us to modify the composition of SWEET SPOT model based on the project delivery milestones and project size.

Ideal for consulting agencies or teams looking for a professional to join them on short notice.

Self-Managed Engineer: expert engineers provided to you to work under your direct guidance. You give us your requirements, we shortlist resumes of professionals matching with your requirements, interview and hire, start working.

Our whole business is dependent on two key members; our employees and our customers. It is our duty to keep ourselves available to them in need of the hour. You will have direct contact with the CEO on a weekly basis, daily status reports and communication with the Engineer.

Shit happens, we know you look to us to get you back in business when things have gone wrong. We make sure to get all hands on deck, we do not leave any stone unturned to support you in the hour of need.